Downswing or me?

    • helmyouth
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      I am a regular 5/10 grinder at casino's in Toronto. When I first started I was on fire winning more than 90% of my sessions. My win rate was up to 2.7 BB an hour at one point. Now after what I think is a downswing is at .9BB an hour. I do not play differently if anything my math, post flop and pre flop play as well as hand reading has improved. I play tight and aggressive but I have been a losing player in the last few weeks. Some nights I will win only one hand in 4 or 5 hours its become common. I get queens I either run into high cards and fold immidiatly (im always right never folded a winner) or I will run into kings or aces. I consistatly miss flops or get rivered. I almost never cold call I play every hand correctly I feel and I still lose. More than 50BB in a night or more. Is there some hole in my game or is this truely a downswing?

      I won a bad beat of 2000 but my bankroll is down to 2200 now including the bad beat money. What am I doing wrong?
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    • IngridN
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      Hi helmyouth,

      I've moved your thread into our Beginners Questions where you have more exposure and your fellow Pokerstrategists can comment.


      ps; if you feel you playing well but running bad, you just need to have patience and start reading your last hands, look it up if you use HEM for example, you can easily check again and re-play it, see if you would have done anything different. Also,post some hands so we can start to discuss. yeah?
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      hi helmyouth,

      im afraid no one will be able to tell you whether you are on a downswing or not. the only thing any player can do really is to discuss specific hands and think whether they played it optimally or not. online, it is just a matter of posting specific hands played in our hand evaluation forums.

      you are probably not a beginner but i think it wouldnt hurt to review some mindset/psychology articles to help your game even more. here's a few that might help.

      you might also want to read books like Poker Mindset or Elements of Poker.

      hope you have better days ahead :)