888 Poker First deposit bonus

    • deathpit
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      Hi all!

      I signed up using pokerstrategy to 888 poker less then a month ago. I signed up depositing $200 USD. This was my first time depositing into 888 poker. I followed the instructions step by step and actually have my account being tracked by PS. Thing is, I read on the 888 poker about the first deposit bonus being released every 100 STATUS points (also known as bonus points) and is unrelated to REWARD points.

      However, under profile -> my rewards I am only able to see the number of status points I have (300+++) and how much till the next level. No where can I find mention of the first deposit bonus money. Under profile -> my bonuses I am only able to see how much REWARD points I have and how much cash I can convert it to (which is a PALTRY amount btw).

      So, am I missing something here? How do I track my first deposit bonus and how much am i supposed to expect at this moment?

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    • IngridN
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      Hi deathpit,

      Glad to read your enjoying paying at 888poker. I can confirm that you have a tracked account via PokerStrategy.com

      There are 4 things to watch out for regarding the 100% up to $888 first deposit bonus:

      - You need to deposit a minimum of $888 in order to claim the entire $888 first deposit bonus

      - Your personal data will be exchanged between 888poker and PokerStrategy.com. Therefore You need to fill in your personal data

      - You receive the pending bonus of 100% of your first deposit as soon as you have collected 100 bonus points for every 10 dollar of the bonus. So for a bonus of $888 you need a total of 89 x 100 = 8,900 bonus points

      - You have 90 days time to clear the bonus

      Please contact the poker room customer support and ask them about the first deposit bonus, since you only deposited $200 and it didn't activate any bonus as it seems.

      Let me know how it goes