Well its just getting so frustrating lately, I'm starting to get irritated :rage: :rage:

Currently I gave up MTT's and played cash games for few months now. I play on my shitty small screen laptop so playing more then 6 tables is not an option, so i have to focus on my win-rate. Which was fine in first 30k hands or so, i had win rate of 7-9/100, but lately my win-rate continues to drop and now I'm about 4,5/100 in average but latest 20+ sessions had ~3.5/100. I Play 6max and moved down to NL10 because i needed to cashout like 75% of my roll. And for some reason I can't crush it like i did before. So if any1 else plays NL10 6max, maybe they could share what win rate they have, maybe offer some advice on how to get back in to terminator crushing mode :D ( I play on stars btw, thank god I'm still clearing FD bonus and FPP+stellar rewards help to increase my roll )