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Pokerstars steals the blinds

    • DiogoMartins09
      Joined: 25.08.2010 Posts: 18
      Well folks as you may have noticed the entrance fees of the sit & go pokerstars rose.
      which is also new in this poker room is a sit & go nicknamed fifty50.

      Well, this tournament structure is simple: 10 players, but only 5 places are paid. Therefore, when there are 5 players in the tournament, the tournament closes.
      These places are paid in different ways. In other words, the winner has guaranteed the buy-in but then goes even added a figure by the number of chips that left the room.

      Turning to illustrate a real case:

      Sit & Go fifty50: $ 3.26 + $ 0.24 (fee)

      Final Total Awards: $ 32.60
      1st to 5th places will be paid:
      $ 3.26 + $ 0.10 per 100 sheets

      Let then the final accounts of the award:

      Now if each winner receives a guaranteed $ 3.26, this will give a total: $ 3.26 * 5 = $ 16.3

      It is left then the value of the ultimate prize: $ 32.6 - $ 16.3 = $ 16.3 to be awarded through the records.

      So if each player receives 1500 chips and there are 10 players, this will give a total of 15,000 chips.

      If every 100 chips worth $ 0.10, then 15,000 chips worth $15. (15000 : 100 = 150. 150 * 0.10 = $15)

      So there is still $ 1.3 to be paid.

      Who ends up winning is the pokerstars, which in addition to already charge a fee higher than normal just to still raise some $ $ $ from these values ​​that go "left." Besides having a dishonest conduct when he says that the amount awarded is $ 32.6 when it is not.

      Part of this text I sent to Support Team PokerStars, but so far got no response.

      [B] is not to usurp the pokerstars other values ​​that snake and snake in the way the players? [/ B]
      [B] Is not this room to take advantage of the fact that full tilt (its major competitor, or perhaps only) be currently offline? [/ B]

      Give me your opinion.


      Diogo Martins
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    • baisuoklis
      Joined: 28.09.2007 Posts: 33
      Yes they are showing that 100 chips are worth 0.10$ , but actualy its worth 0.1086 . And believe me they are paying every cent, but probably they dont want to write that they will pay 0.11$, because everyone will start complaining that they got less.
    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      It's easy just add up all the pay out at the table at the end of the game and you will see that they have paid every cent