i played some live HU yesterday and i have a few hands for some good HU players,if you would be so kind to give some feedback

It's ~NL60,because i converted my currency to USD and it's around that.

We played like 34 hands before this one,only one showdown,nothing special,he was pretty laid back,generally knew what he was doing.Played kind of loose pre and tight post.He opened 100% of buttons.I had an aggressive image,i presume,i did catch some hands,i second barreled IP almost every hand.

I'm gonna post the bets in bb,because it's annoying if i put it in $ and it just clutters the whole thing.

First hand:

Villain is BU (SB) 125~$
Hero BB ~175$

Dealt to hero: 4 :heart: 6 :heart:

V raises to 3bb,H re-raises to 9bb,V calls

Flop: 3 :diamond: 5 :spade: A :diamond: Pot:18bb

H checks,V bets 10bb,H raises to 26bb,V calls.

Turn: 2 :heart: Pot:54bb

H checks,V bets 30,H raises to 70,V calls.

River: A :club: Pot: 194bb

H shoves,V calls

Notes: i did the c/r's like 2-3 seconds after his bets and he insta-called both of them.

As soon as the ace was dealt on the river and the dealer made a hand motion towards me,i shoved,he tanked for 20 seconds and called.

V said "nice hand" after i show and as the next hand is dealt he says "who folds trips?"


I'll post the other hands in a second post,this is getting to big.