raising 3bb from BTN and CO

    • SR1337
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      I was think that it would be better to steal/bet all playable hands from BTN and CO with 3bb. Doesn't matter if its 97s or AA. I thought of this because there isn't any point in adjusting my raise size according to my hand strenght , because it will make me more readable. Also 3bb bet would be better against SS, cuz I lose 1bb less when I get reraised.
      Problem is that will people reraise me more loosely, because they think 3bb is a sign of weakness?

      What do you think of this play`? I play NL25
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    • sinsas
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      well i do 3bb's and I dont think people 3-bet me less if i bet 4bb's, but who knows. And Even if they start 3-beting light, i like these spots. the 3-bet to 3bb's is most oftenly 9-10bb's when people open for 4's i see crazy shit 3-bets to 12-15bb's. So if you trust your post flop skills are better then villain's I prefer 3bb's raise cuz i dont mind callint extra 6bb's in post w small pockets, suited connectors, +if they start 3-beting light its going to be spew fest, because after that they end up barreling blindly with pot size bets
    • Maniatrix
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      They might not 3bet more but will get somewhat more calls. It's still worth it. I raise $0.75 on the button to pick up the $0.8 in the pot (0.25+0.10+0.45). Has to work less than 50% of the time. I make it 3BB from the cutoff if I have a nit on the button and standard 4BB otherwise.