my $50 free br!

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      hey all. im going to try and keep updates on how i do with my free $50 br.
      i received my $50 a few days ago. started off playing 50c sng 6max won 3 out of 4. then yesturday played nl2 lost almost 2 $5 buy ins so was down to $45.
      this morning i played in a $1 $500 gtd R mtt. rebought once and added on once so i spent $3 and finished in 3rd place, out of 500+, for $60.
      now im just about to play some cash with my $104 br. hope all goes well. i'l update in the morning (BST)
      thanks for reading and gl everyone on and off the felts!
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      Good luck and welcome to our blog section :)
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      why dont you tell your readers more about yourself? i love the rl bits of the blogs :f_biggrin:
    • bullettooth1
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      ok, last night wasnt great. sat down at two nl4 tables (6max) played a for about 3 and a half hours. was steady going at first, got one buy in to 5.50 and the other to 10.20.
      then i had my rockets beat by 44 and that was the start of the downfall! (not mentally, thats just poker) but everytime after that my dominating hands were not holding up.
      i had A10 beat by A4, out flopped him but he rivered trips. then AK beat by K10 (top 2 beat by str8) JJ beat by 66! was terrible. but i plugged away and got a bit back. so i decided to quit while the damaged wasnt too bad.
      started the night with $104 ended with $91.45!

      About me:- im 26 from NE England. ive been playing poker for about 3 1/2 to 4years. never put any of my own money in, just played freerolls to build br's.
      my best results were on bodog. i had a couple of cashes in their $500 fr's then i finished 2nd for $75. then just took off from there playing cash games. came in handy coz i lost my job. withdrew most of it. then went on a downswing and lost the rest.
      search my username on any stat site its bullettooth24 (bodog)
      i also won a 2K gtd for over $600.
      i have $100 on ftp so need them to come back lol.

      gl all and thanks for reading!