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      Hey Guys,
      So I've been trying to review my hands and statistics with the elephant software. I have a good understanding of what everything in the stats mean, but I have questions about the stat averages themselves.
      Obviously stats are going to vary from person to person in accordance with their style of play. But I'm assuming there's some general percentage ranges for any successful poker player no matter what your style of play. I guess I should point out (if it even matters) that I'm generally a tight aggressive player who picks spots to change gears.

      Anyways, on to the questions

      What is a good range or you VPIP? I've read that anything about 24% means you're likely playing too loose, but what exactly is a good range for your VPIP on avg?

      I firmly believe that my biggest leak is my inability to pick good spots or hands for 2, 3, and 4 bets. My percentage averages are rather low here and I don't think I ever re-raise with a weak hand. So what exactly is a good range percentage for re-raising? And as well, I would much appreciate any tips on good spots or types of weaker or marginal hands to re-raise with.

      Continuation bets - I have an extremely high percentage with continuation bets. So once again, can anyone give me a decent percentage range for a continuation bet? Am I making a mistake by having an 80%+ continuation bet avg on the flop? I'm assuming that number is high, but at the same time I don't want to be giving up on a lot more hands because I'm giving my opponents too much information that way and losing more pots, or so I believe. Is there any tricks or tips anyone can give me for being able to stay in a pot without investing much or giving too much information after leading with a pre-flop raise?

      Fold to continuation bet percentage - Based on 822 Hands - 52% folded
      Obviously this is based on a very small percentage of hands I've ever played but it's a decent indication of my play in cash games. Is this number too high? Too low? Can anybody give a decent avg range for calling a continuation bet?

      Aggression Factor - This is one of the few stats I have an understanding for. To be honest, looking at my aggression factor and trying to analyze it is like reading a foreign language to me. My aggression factor is as follows:
      Overall Avg - 2.7 Flop - 2.6 Turn - 2.5 River - 4.0
      Can anyone with an understanding of the aggression factor perhaps give a brief explanation and maybe an analysis of my aggression factor stats. Any suggestions that could move those numbers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

      Blind Stealing - Again based on 822 played hands. I have a percentage of 35% open raise steal from the cutoff and button. What's a good average here? Am I too high? Too Low? Anything someone can suggest to help?

      Check Raise Avg: Overall - 4% Flop - 0% Turn - 5% River - 25%
      Well I'm assuming an avg of 4% check raise is probably way too low. Any tips or tricks people could provide for picking your spots or particular hands or draws to check-raise with? Anything to help get this average to a normal range, whatever that normal range may be?

      Squeeze - 3% avg based on 822 hands. I'm assuming I should be trying to squeeze more? The squeeze isn't really something I've ever tried to develop. Any suggestions?

      Open Limp - I firmly believe this could be a major leak in my game but I'm not overly certain. I have a 15% avg for open limping into pots. I think it's just my tight nature that persuades me to limp but what exactly is a decent range for open limping? I know a lot of pro's live by the rule of fold or raise and many don't like to limp. But there's obviously a time and place where limping is most suitable. How often should I be limping? Should I ever limp in the cutoff or button position? They say most all hands are playable from the button, especially when action is folded to you, but what hands are suitable limping hands from these late positions, if any. Or should I always be raising from the cutoff or button when action is folded to me.

      I know I've asked a lot here guys, so I don't really expect any one person to address each and every issue (although if that occurs I'll be very appreciative). Even if you guys could pick one issue you're familiar with and address it that would be fantastic.
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