Mashing the Mega Micros

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      Hey guys,

      I'm currently trying to build a BR from scratch and hope to work my way up through the limits to best build my game (oh how original) with the hopes of one day making £/$ or even gold bullion in order to pay Natalie Portman to be my personal sex slave.

      Only one hitch, I'm still playing NL.04 and by the time I get to the mega bucks my darling Nats ladies bits will share a lot in common with a pork pie (ya gota break through the crust and eat off the jelly before you can get to the meat.) Not cool! (Hope im not crossing any forum boundaries here.)

      Anyhow, this is where you guys come in. Could you please take a look at some of my stats and give me some feedback. It would be great if other micro players could post back they're graphs etc and post any Q's so that together we might help Mash-Up the Micros.

      I deposited the First Aid bonus a while back into Titan poker having heard that they're reward system is pretty sweet (which, incidentally, it is, as long as you are playing limits where you accumulate VIP points faster than a DnD fan gathers that game obv) and have been grinding away at NL.04 $5 buy-in.

      Although by noooooo means an expert in online poker, I had high hopes to best the gaggle of goldfish (or just measly copper fish) at this limit as I had a fair win rate at NL25 on FTP. My BB/100 hands seems very low however and in a non sexual or perverted way I need your tender guiding hand.

      I have recently purchased Poker Tracker, and, showing all the ingenuity of a rhino in a kiddies play pen, have unlocked about 5% of the secrets it has to offer, so feedback would be good.
      Here's my graph:


      So... 4.23 BB/100 sounds pretty damn low.
      My non SD winnings are also well into the negative, how concerned must I be about this?
      After the 11K hand mark my average VPIP and PFR jumped from 21/16 to 25/19 which may have had an effect and since that point I seem to hover around the same profit margin and not climb at all.

      May have to temper my aggression, it seems to have little effect on my opponents perception of me regardless as I'm not sure how many use HUD's or adjust they're game accordingly. I might be guilty of trying to assert an image that is just resulting in me being spewy??

      Dont always feel 100% confident in my post flop play either and hope to work on this area if anyone has some must read/watches to suggest.

      My average stats over this hand sample:

      VPIP: 23
      PFR: 17
      W$WSF: 49
      WTSD: 25
      W$SD: 54 (low?)
      AF: 6.6
      AFq: 55

      Right guys, girls and gerbils! Sorry this has turned into such a gargantuan shpeal but hopefully you had a few lol moments (not my graph A-holes) and I would really appreciate your help.

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