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Minor Rant Inside and Question

    • LoOkzor
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 81
      Figured I would go in and play some of those Turbo 2 dollar re-buy tournaments for the sunday million... If I'd of known what I was getting myself into I would have saved myself the hassle...

      It's just shove preflop with anything and hope it sticks multi-way... literally everyone just shoving anything with even 1 high card and going all-in.

      With it being turbo I assume that there isn't much you can do against this type of poker other than wish for good luck?

      That's some good money down the drain ;(

      Quite demoralizing playing people who are consta pushing all-in, then rebuyin insta again just to call all in.

      I saw a guy do it when he had built up a 50k stack, and was comfortably in the lead, only to lose it all because he wanted absolutely everyones stack and ended up losing it all and rebuyin several times over. Do these people have any brain cells whatsoever O_o.
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    • hackbinder
      Joined: 15.05.2009 Posts: 618
      That's the nature of rebuy tourneys, I'm afraid.

      Go on a godlike run so you have a massive stack before the rebuys are over.
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      hey lookzor,

      moved your thread to general discussions which i think is more appropriate :)

      btw im playing the hypers now and even tho they arent rebuys, they seem a lot like it too. its normal to have like 4 or 5 way allins on the first hand :f_biggrin:

      just chalk it up to lesson learned :)

    • LoOkzor
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 81
      yeah, though I was more annoyed at the fact that once I stayed tight for the 30 minutes the registration stayed open I felt commited to spend a bit more. Literally for the first hour it went ALLIN multiway nearly every hand, with some people buying back in atleast 20 times.

      Now, it being turbo I'm not surprised that they would want a big stack, but 1)

      You need a good 50-80 dollars to really get anywhere with it, as BR is needed.

      2) Be prepared to shove anything from medium to high strength multi way.

      Lesson learned, though I hate to have learned the hard way as I don't feel I played bad (how can you?), I just had to pick my moments and most times shit didn't stick lol