Need a new site (pref with mobile app)

    • vinnie8887
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      Hi all,

      Originally I was playing on FTP and haven't really dedicated any time to poker since well yeah you all know. Anyways I'm looking for suggestions for a new site. I only want to deposit $500 of my BR there and I would prefer it if it had an app for Android phones too. I heard Bwin has an app, is it any good?

      Vinnie =)
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    • MarcPS
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      Hey Vinnie,

      Well wouldn't you know it, we had a sneak peak of the bwin iphone app in the office here a few months ago (and subsequently donked a few buyins in our lunch break!).

      We made a video, which you can see here:

      Bwin Mobile Poker

      Of course this is the iphone version, but I'm reliably informed the the Android version works just as well!

      If you decide to go for bwin, you can sign up here:

      Bwin Poker Sign Up: Up to $1000 bonus

      As far as I'm aware, there aren't any other 'native' (means, not using rescaled web interfaces) real money poker android apps, although I could be wrong.


    • thazar
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      Hi Vinnie

      Titan rang me today saying that they were launching an iPhone App as well.

      Shame I got an Android phone. ;)