[NL2-NL10] MSS sb TT 5way call for set value?

    • aleksandarbogdanov
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      Hi, :P

      $0.25/$0.5 No-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)

      Known players:
      MP3 = ($38.90)
      CO = ($17.75)
      BU = ($16.35)
      SB (Hero) = ($18.75)
      BB = ($50.00)
      UTG1 = ($50.00)
      UTG2 = ($49.60)
      MP1 = ($49.25)
      MP2 = ($51.25)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with T :heart: , T :club: .
      UTG1 folds, UTG2 raises to $2.00, MP1 calls $2.00, MP2 calls $2.00, MP3 folds, CO calls $2.00, BU folds, Hero calls $1.75, BB folds.

      Flop: ($10.5) T :spade: , 4 :heart: , 4 :diamond: (5 players)
      Hero checks, UTG2 checks, MP1 checks, MP2 checks, CO bets $2.50, Hero calls $2.50, UTG2 folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds.

      Turn: ($15.5) Q :spade: (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets $5.00, Hero raises to $14.25(All-In), CO folds, Hero gets uncalled bet back.

      1 Can i call for set value? I prefer to push for value here,but i thought UTG2 had a tighter range (TT+,AQ+). Which wasn't the case here but let's assume it was.
      2 If the flop was 445o(or something like that) how should i play bet 7$/c any or fold?
      3 On this flop(T :spade: 4 :heart: 4 :diamond:) how can i get max value?
      THank you :)
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    • burek2000
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      Hey aleksandar,

      With TT and 8.75$ in the pot already you have an easy squeeze shove. I don't think there are any tight enough players to make squeeze here unprofitable.

      As to your question, with 5:1 odds you can call for set value with so many limpers.

      On the flop I like your check/call with second nuts, however, on the turn you have to start betting yourself if you want to get any value, so I would bet turn half potsize.

      If the board came like 445r then it would be villain depending, but most of the time bet/fold should be the best choice as preflop aggressor won't c-bet against so many without a made hand.

      Best regards,