Me waves to this great Poker( community,
How long do I last here, that we will see.
But I want to use this great opportunity,
To be the best poker play I can ever be.

Since I have started this blog among many others, I want to briefly intorduce myself.
I am a 19 year-old student from Lithuania. Currently studying ecology in Vilnius University. Passionate about basketball, F-1, sportsbetting. When I am in Vilnius, I attend martial arts exercises. This isn't everything I am interested in, but it will be enough for the first time : ). Do not love my studies all that much, but since I haven't found my path yet, I don't think going somewhere else is a good idea.

Now the main thing.
I won't dig deep in history about what happened to me in the past, I won't tell you how I was crushing the games a couple of years ago and how I got crushed later, I won't even post the results after my every session. In my opinion, what has happened to me up until now is simply irrelevant. I'll just say that currently I am playing 6max and occasionally HU BSS NL10 on 24hpoker.

Now and beyond is all what matters and this is why this blog is up.

Recently I realized that I am putting way, WAY less effort into my game than I should. The golden days of online poker are long gone, but this took me quite a while to fully understand. So, this blog will be used as a tool for me to improve as much as my natural abilities let me. Here I am going to post actions I have taken in order to make my game better and write about my improvement in general. It goes without saying that I will be trying to discuss hands and other things that concern me with all of you guys. Having said that, I want to point out that this is not the blog of results. It's the blog of improvement. So do not expect to see results of hands or sessions. From now on I measure my success by steps taken to grow up as a player and not by dollars won/lost. Of course I am going to post graphs of how I'm doing, but this is going to happen by the end of every month.

Also, some writing in foreign language won't hurt my English skillz too : ) And expect some off-topic posts! Poker is not everything in life.

To make this whole process more interesting, I have came up with this idea:

:spade: for every article I read (not go through), I'll give myself 1 point.
:spade: for every hand I post, I'll give myself 0.5 points.
:spade: for every video I watch (not skip by), I'll give myself 2 points.
:spade: for every coaching I attend, I'll give myself 2 points.

Also, I'll more or less take part in strategy discussions.

Feel like this will be an OKAY indicator of how much of an effort I am putting into my aim. I am planning to update these week by week.
Have not decided on how often I am going to update this blog. Probably as soon as I have something worth to say. But there will be at least 1 update a week because I have to sum up the progress-points and stuff. : )

Playing itself will be my 2nd priority from now on regarding poker. The first, as you already know, is learning!

Basically, this is it for the first time. I hope you are interested at least a tiny bit.

We will see where it gets me. :heart: