Hey everyone. I used to play $6.5 and $11 Turbo STTs on Full Tilt a few years back, and managed to build up a decent roll over an ok sample. Cashed out most and took a couple of years off to finish up university, and now am trying to get back on my grind on Stars.

I've been playing $3.5 and $7 Turbos on Stars and have been break-even over ~175 $7 games and have -17% ROI over ~80 $3.5 games. I know this isn't a substantial amount of games, I do feel like I haven't been running very well, but I would like to catch any leaks before the trend continues.

I feel that I started off my 'comeback' a bit too loose, especially with my calling ranges, and have since tightened up - probably too much. I think I might be missing value in the middle stages of the tournaments, which in turn gets me into some bad spots in the p/f stages.

Starting to question myself in spots where I thought I knew what was right, and could definitely use some help from anyone grinding SNGs and willing/looking to chat, have some sweat sessions, etc.

Looking forward to it,