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      Hello everyone !
      My name is Viktoras. I'm looking forward to this project, would have joined the previous school but I missed it somehow.
      I have been playing poker for some time, tried pretty much everything from mtt's to omaha to cash to sng's to mass multi tabling. I would not bee here if I would have done very well. Need some help.

      Some history:
      NL BSS for me is like an addiction. And all the addictions comes at a price. I have 230k hands under my belt. First 130k was profitable. I played NL5 FR then went on to NL10 FR and then tried SH and loved it. After some time switched to NL25 and the when it all started go wrong. A big part of it went wrong because of down swing and then psychological problems.. I went down back to nl10 and then back again to nl25 for short time. And after that even nl10 did not go anywhere good. I found it difficult to stay motivated to keep learning and improve my game. So I hope this school will put me back on track.

      At the moment I play SNG sh turbos and hyper turbos at micro stakes and I do very well. Building my bankroll again. But even SNG sh hyper turbos downswings does not make me that tilted as I do get playing NL. I just don't have the confidence to go back to NL.
      I want to play NL !
      I like it.
      And I'm coming back!
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