Where to find and register for the sunday basic freeroll?

    • mega5000
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      i 've tried to find it and so have many other people but to what avail...non. seems to me there is a communication break down as to the whereabouts of the basic freeroll registration page. (see comments associated with basic/silver freerolls).

      titan seems to think that Pokerstrategy members are not who they say they are plus the info provided on the specified page is (to say the least) a wee bit useless.

      Q, is there a link/page to register for the basic freeroll as it is not on the HOME-Page?

      please clarify for me

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    • SoyCD
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      Hi mega5000,

      The signup for the Freerolls as stated in the Newspost was between Friday 18:00 and Saturday 18:00. That is why the Box was no longer visible today.

      I know this caused some inconvience for many users, which is why we are working on a more optimal system for the future.

      Best Regards,