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QQ 3bet 4bet!

    • w4terman
      Joined: 04.04.2011 Posts: 757
      lets say we are having a full stack and we are getting QQ a player from MP raises to 3bb

      vpip 14 pfr 12 3bet 5
      so we raise too 9-10bb and he 4bets all in ...
      we call or fold ?
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    • n3w8i3
      Joined: 02.08.2011 Posts: 28
      depends on what you know about this player from before. if he is a maniac and play every hand - i would call... but if you have no idea about this player - fold... good information about player is also his monney on table - if he has in front 3-4-5 buy ins - he probably knows what he is doing and has really strong hand...

      i don't know if there are so many maniacs on tables and stakes that you are playing - but on NL2 tables there is offten situation that guys play all in just because of size of a pot, and not because they actually have hand to back it up...