Starting to learn from the scratch

    • MJQuads
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      Hey guys!

      I have a question regarding studying poker. I'm a pretty successful NL100 FR player, but I decide to go learning poker from the scratch again (from basics onwards; obviously not total basics, but stuff that is important). And I have no idea how to start.

      I know one thing to consider are the articles, which I will definitely do. What I'm asking is, did anyone ever did start learning from the scratch again, and how? Which videos did you watch, in what order? Which books, in what order, etc etc.?

      So if any of you have any thoughts, I'll appreciate it greatly!

      Kind Regards,

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    • thazar
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      Hi Jkob

      I think a study program must be based on individual needs especially if you are beating NL100 you must have some pretty good base. I would think that at this point it could be very beneficial to get some coaching to pinpoint some of your leaks and improve your overall game. Your coach then advice you for content based on the leaks found.