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      Hello, I am Radu from Romania and I love playing poker.

      This is the second school that I am attending. The first one was great, from a looser - break even player it turned me into a break even - winning player. I have only a small sample of 10k hands at NL2 to prove that but it is a start. With these occasion I would like to thank once again pokerstrategy, the coaches and my fellow class mates for 8 great weeks of learning poker. I've seen just a bit of what means to be a winning poker player and it is a great feeling. I hope this new school will give me the chance to feel it more often. But enough of that.

      The new school has for me one great thing already: 2 coaching sessions per week witch are going to be held on Monday and Thursday. Why this is great? I find it very useful to see the theory put into practice and is also great that I can attend the coaching live now. (in the past school were held on Tuesday evening - the time for basketball with my friends)

      I wish all the party's involved in this new project good luck and hope to see at the end more than 50 graduates!
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