• benbomb
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      Hello everyone.

      Well am signing up again for a new poker school. U guys made a great work to make everything well organized.

      The topics seems quite similar to the previous poker school but i don't mid doing it again to get all the stuff fixed in my brain :p
      And of course it is more motivating to learn as a group with the help of coaches rather than alone.
      Motivation is my biggest leak actually...

      Will try to help where i can.

      Good luck everyone!

      ps. the badge look pretty nice :D
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    • purplefizz
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      hi benbomb!

      congrats on finishing the first course :) . well done!

      hope you will have fun in this one as well and glad to hear you will help the newer students a little as you have more experience. counting on this, ok? :D


      ps yes its a nice badge ;)