Got my starting cap and i hit the tables tonight

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      There is a question at the end of this even though it is blogg like

      Ok so i sit down at a table and it looked quite tight which i know isnt that great if you want to win big but i just wanted to get use to the software etc

      I have been watching the vids of the short stacked strategy and thought i would give this a go. I didnt feel comfortable playing at 5/10c so i went down to the 2/4c games.

      All was going well untill temptation hit me with a pair of 10s in the small blind and there was a 3 bet before me in the co and i knew it was a fold but oh know my right hand spazzs on the call button the bb folded

      Flop comes A :diamond: 8 :club: 2 :spade:
      The pot was about 26c

      At this point out of all the players on the table i wanted to play against was this guy because i saw him showdown a hand with 10Jo and he raised with it x3 previously. unfortunatley that A again my brain was saying check Fold!!!

      What acutally happened was i called and called and he showed A10s

      Later on I did win my money back of him with QKs and some change for a mars bar.

      My question
      With the hands on starting chart when for example it says JJ-AA is that strictly the pairs no QK or QJ etc??
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      Hello Wittsy171 :)

      Yeah on the starting hands chart where it says JJ-AA that does just mean the pairs its to protect you from what you just explained :D

      The starting hands charts do work in the micros they have been tried and tested so keep sticking to them and the results will follow

      Good luck and post more questions if you are curious about anything else,