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    • ctclee
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      I am new to this and I want to use the SHC chart i downloaded but the bottom half is not in english how do i get one or what is the correct translation to

      Stack size : Raise size all-in with....
      4:1 oder hoher aa - jj, ak
      4:1 bis 2.5:1 aa - tt, ak, aq
      2.5 oder kliener aa - 77, ak - aj, kq

      thanks for the help
      my favorite responce would be a link to download the proper pdf. :D
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    • ciRith
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      Hi etclee,

      I forwarded it so it will be changed soon so you can download it in english.

      Meanwhile you can go with my translation. :)

      oder hoher = or higher
      bis = up to
      oder kliener = or lower

      Hope I could help.

      Have fun at the tables. :)