Hey PokerStrategy, I've been a member for quite a while and taking the advantage of reading the strategies and the bonus deposits and free starting capital. I went busto early with the $50 with no bankroll management even after reading cause I couldn't control my emotions and tilting. I then added another $50 and managed to play heads up all the way to $200 before going busto again. I swore to myself that I will smarten up, read up on books and theories and even the strategy guides.

I have deposited another $20 to start myself from scratch. I still have my 2nd $50 deposit's bonus on PokerStars, so I'll be looking forward to getting those.

A bit about myself:
I am currently 19 years old and going into my second year of university studying BSc Honours Biology. I live in Ontario, Canada and I love playing poker and watching poker on TV and Online. My goal is to turn my bankroll into a larger bankroll and possibly make this into a side job while attending school and holding down a part time job during summer.

Here is a graph of my hands and winnings

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As you might see from the graph, I started off horribly and one day I saw the article for MSS Beginner. After reading it, I applied it and although it's just a few hands, I'm gonna learn more about MSS and hope I can reach NL5 and be a winning player. Before I found myself to be a LAG playing a wide range of hands and not really knowing about positioning except for button stealing. I will no longer go back to my old playing habits and I hope to provide more update and play more hands!