PokerAce HUD on Pokerstars

    • TerrorBlade
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      Hi there,

      I recently received my PT and PAHUD licenses from you guys and I've imported my hands to pokertracker etc.

      Now I'm tryna use pokerace and I can't seem to get it to display the stats of all the players on the table. Basically in the PA window it has the 1 table im playing at with the tickbox, and on the stars software there is just a box showing the table stats (VP$,PFR,Pot).

      No stats for players show up just the box with table stats. What am I doing wrong?

      Also popup stats work when I click on myself, but not on other players names.

      Does PT have to be running?

      Also some more info, if I have memory scanning on it shows that one box of table stats + table comes up in the PA window , if I have "Use hand histories" Nothing comes up to show PA is running or acknowledge I'm playing a table and I don't get the mucked hands thing (I do with memory scanning).
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi TerrorBlade,

      In general PokerAce only displays Stats next to player names as soon as certain number of hands for the player is available. Therefore you wont see stats until atleast 30+ Hands are available for the individual players.

      The Hud options themselves are also editable by entering the options Menu for PokerAce and manually editing what stats you want shown where for the individal skins.

      If you have further problems simply tell us that it is still not working :)

      Best Regards,