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    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020

      I've been playing poker for more than 2 years but most of it was for fun but now I really want to give it a try. I started with SSS and came to NL100 and took whole br out because I got another $50 on another platform and in less than 2 months I was over $1000. I couldn't beat NL100, mostly because I didn't study enough and at that time I didn't understand that sss isn't real poker. After that I cashed out and almost haven't been playing since then.

      In the middle of december I got $25 and decided to try BSS SH. I started with NL2. I built my BR to NL10 and gave it a try. It started with a sick 10BI upswing and after that everything went against me. I took a break and around that time first School came and I was really happy and motivated to show myself (and everyone else) what I can do. I was really trying but I was way too result oriented and that influenced my game too of course.

      I took week off and decided to try...are you ready?---> NL20, o yeah that's it. When you can't beat NL10 it's time for NL20! This decision was not rational and at that time I knew it's a gamble but I was really sick of NL10 so I wanted to see whether opponents on higher limits are better than me.

      The outcome?

      I'm a positive guy so what are my conclusions?

      1. I'm still alive - pokerwise. Thanks to various bonuses I still have 37BI for NL10. At least I understand something about BRM:)

      2. Despite everything I still want to play poker and try to become better (breakeven for start) player. I will have to work too not just play.

      3. I know I'm far from being good player. It's something to know it and it's
      something completely different to admit it. It hurts. I hate failures and I feel like it at the moment.

      4. I'm tilting too much! I tend to open more tables and "open" my game at the same time = profitable plan NOT.

      5. I'm aware poker is not just a game but it's like everything else in life - you can't skip levels. First the firm foundation needs to be built, only after that you can look up towards higher hurdles.

      I broke basic rules during my first School => I wasn't working enough + was playing too much (in comparison to learning) + was too result oriented.

      I'm starting with NL10... :f_biggrin:
  • 4 replies
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      Hello yaxkukmian,

      Thank you for your wonderful introduction and welcome to the NL Beginners Course.

      Let's hope you srick it out, learn plenty of new things and improve your game to the maximum :)

      Wishing you every success in throughout the course :)

      Kind regards,
    • bbosstjan
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 277
      Hey yaxkukmian.

      Welcome back to school.

      I'm sure this time we'll get together more, do some sweat sessions and discuss materials, hands and strategy.

      Since we're both on NL10 now, I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about.


    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      Thank you Gary...first school was a test for me, now it's time to shine :)

      bbostjan...I sure hope we'll sweat some sessions, that would be great. Talking about poker in general would be cool :f_cool:

      Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker?

      When I started playing I was sure this is just going to be one more hobby a have. As a result I approached the game without lots of preparation and just enjoyed it playing it as much as possible. It’s nothing wrong with that but today my perception changed drastically.

      It’s still a hobby and I intend to stay that way but now I’m aware that poker is different from other games – it can bring you money. Since I’m competitive person I like competing against tougher opposition so going up the limits solves both of this arguments. To carry this out I have work more on my game and preparation on certain situations.

      We’re all competitive people but I realized I have to set myself a goal that won’t be easily achieved but on the other hand can fulfil. I have 2 goals (one long- term and one shot-term):
      1) I wan’t to play NL200 someday
      2) I wan’t to play NL20 comfortably by the end of this year. (NL10 currently)

      Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker?

      1) I play too many tables.
      I almost never play less than 6 tables (with SSS I played 9-12) which is definitely a big drawback, when knowing I have only 18 inch monitor and also I’m not beating my limit with ease (or at all at the moment). I try to cut it down since I know playing for bonuses is not +EV. This is problem of discipline and it seems very trivial, but it leads to more leaks while playing.

      2) Too result oriented.
      I want to climb the limits as fast as possible. I really hate micro limits because I started from NL2 for the third time and I promised to myself that’s the last time (first two times were successful too but I cashed out and I got $50 and $25 on other platforms and I didn’t want to gamble it so I played with good brm).
      I try not to think this way because that influences my game more than I want to. I wanted to try NL20, in spite of knowing that I didn't beat NL10. My "best" argument was, that I have enough BR. I didn't feel extra pressure but probably I couldn't play my best game and even if I did it didn't work. I read psychological articles but it didn't help me, because I think it must work and when you use words like must it's not a good way to solution. Steady goals should be better because there would be less pressure and expectations, therefore I'll try setting myself some moderate goals.

      3) I don’t have good foundation of odds and implied odds so I do many things “by feeling”. I was telling myself I have to write it down and make it clear but I didn’t do it...and I really tried in first school, but there are so many situations (basic ones) that I still don't understand in the theory that I should really work on it more.

      4) I don’t cope well against tilt.
      Nobody does but it influences my real life after that but I look to cut the damage before is being done so I go from the table before the big damage has been done. I find myself resisting tilt much better than I use to but I have a lot of reserve at this area. Usually I get to play much looser and instead of exploiting the bad players I join them so TAGs exploit us. I really have problems stopping before losing 2 stacks in a stupid way.

      Question 3: What does it mean to play tight-aggressive?

      There are 3 most important things every good player should implement in his game, those are:

      1) Playing tight is super important for micro limits. I have problems with that so after first few days you motivated me to create a chart to look at while playing -> .
      Selecting the hands is extremely important so you can play aggressively and at the same time you come into fewer tough spots than you otherwise would.
      It’s a nicely said in “What is the BBS” article what may sound surprisingly but it’s very true:” “What action makes you the most money? Fold.”

      2) Playing aggressive is second part from the “must list”. In “What is the BBS” article which summaries better than I could:”When do people make mistakes? When they have to make an important decision under pressure.” After reading this I realized how true that is – if you put your opponents under pressure and force them to make mistakes, you win more pots, as simple as that and true.

      3) Third component is awareness of position. When playing in position many decisions are much easier and also you can “apply” rule nr 2 more effectively.

      Those are 3 base foundation stones that should be carved in our thinking process. Of course this is not all but if you have foundation of tight-aggressive style imprinted you can add small pieces that can make you even more effective. That’s why playing tight-aggressive is so hard, it’s not enough to only play tight or to only play aggressive or only in position. To play it the best way you have to put all of those to work together in harmony and that needs thousands and thousands played hands, hundreds and hundreds of hours of evaluation, theory reading and implementing, thinking about different plays, coaching received and given (through talking to poker friends), videos watched, analyzing,… The best part of it, we can’t really set full stop, because if we do, we’re screwed, that’s why we have to work on ourselves every single day.

      Question 4: How would you rate the school so far?

      Comparing to the first one this is a different context and I understand why they decided to offer this school to everyone. It's tough when you work really hard and you get little response, with this move I believe this school will be even more successful.

      For me personally the closed concept was better but in the end it comes to the individual - how much are you ready to work on yourself and your game. I have bigger expectations for myself, I know PS will be excellent.
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello yaxkukmian,

      It's not really bad to play too many tables if you do it with good winrate. Also I wouldn't say that bonus whoring ain't profitable. You can still earn solid money with it. But if you start rather just loosing money and not even having positive winrate then I would definitely advice rather play less tables.

      The first positive thing is that about your result oriented thing is that at least you understand your problem. Steps forward to becoming stronger in that. But climbing up the limits too fast it's a huge problem. :( And you will have hard time on higher limits since it will be hard time for you to move down the limits if you don't have the BR. So definitely you have to fix this leak or you will loose a lot money in future. Try maybe to find a friend with you could discuss the situations and even have sweat sessions. In future you might even hire a coach to have sessions with.

      About the math part we will have a great coaching on 3rd week. :) Definitely I would recommend joining with it. Math is the ABC for poker, of course for lower limits it's not that important but the higher you get the more important it becomes.

      Against tilting of course you have set the stop-loss. But have you tired do some sports when being tilted? It really helps for real life. :) For example I do visit the gym and after the gym your mind is always cleaned of the tilt which works perfectly well for me. Also you get healthy.

      Welcome to the Course and Best of luck! First points earned.