How do you play A2o to A9o

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    • SoyCD
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      Are you refering to SH or FR?

      They are usually easy folds in most positions, although in SH games I will raise them from time to time when I am first in in late position - especially against tight blinds. But other than for the purpose of blindstealing these hands are easy folds ;)
    • Dykiller
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      I was talking about FR tables. I play them 95% of time
    • vladnz
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      i play them only from the BB only free
    • Thorsten77
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      You shouldn't play them. You are too often dominated by better aces if you hit TP... You may use them as steal hands, however, even there I prefer hands like suited connectors or something that is typically not dominated, as you c-bet any A high flop and get the pot so often without holding an A. If your SC hits hard, its very deceptive...
    • Timor83
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      I play A8+ when I'm in the CO and any A on the button when players behind me are tight.
      When players behind me are normal to loose, I play A9+ from the CO and A6+ from the button. Suited I play any A starting from CO.

      It's mostly situational anyway (image, how much have I been blindstealing, opponents' aggressiveness, fold to contibet% of my opponents), but these are my general guidelines. THey hold even more in FR games where blinds are generally too tight, and less in SH games where blinds are too loose.