how do i play with a big stack in earlyphase?

    • bluffalot123
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      ok this is aimed more at the micro limits, recently in a tourney i was playing i had increased my chips to 5x the inital starting chips within the first few levels of the tourney.
      now this is where i came unstuck because i was not sure how to adjust to my chip advantage as i felt it is alot different in the late stages when ppl are close to the money.
      So finally my question is if i do gain a big chip advantage early in the tourney does this allow me to open my starting hand range and blind stealing range? or do i maintain a tight playing style?

      Thankyou :)
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    • bradomurder
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      I don't think your FE goes up much in the early phase if you have a big stack, so I don't change much other than trying to play more in position on the other big stacks, including 3betting them more IP if you're really deep.