New Microgaming Software Launched

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      The Microgaming Network is represented at through the partner rooms Unibet and Ladbrokes Poker and Unibet today took a step forward by introducing the new Microgaming software. Ladbrokes has confirmed they will follow suit in the first half of September.

      The changes in detail

      New in-Browser Poker

      You can now play poker through a new browser-based software. A one-step process means that you can set your playing requirements and the software automatically finds and seats you at a table.

      Multi-Table Launcher

      A new feature designed to allow quick seating at cash tables. The new Multi-Table Launcher icon is located on the bottom right-hand side of the table view, above the "Best Hand" display, and to the right of the Bad Beat Ticker. Once seated, the icon appears with the option to be seated at a similar table and if you have the auto-buy in enabled, you will be seated automatically.

      Auto Buy-in

      The Auto Buy-in feature enables you to set a buy-in amount which allows you to automatically buy into a cash table.
      Once you've enabled the Auto Buy-in option, you by-pass the normal buy-in dialogue box and will be seated immediately to wait for the next hand.

      Pocket Card Manager

      A new feature that enables you to automatically fold those pocket cards that you would normally fold in early, middle or late position. You can access the Pocket Card Manager from the Menu in the lobby by selecting "Global Table Options" and then "Pocket Card Manager" or from the "Options" menu on the table view.

      When you have enabled the Pocket Card Manager, you can select to view or change the default set of cards according to your position in the game. You can opt out of the pocket card manager for a particular table from the "Table Options" tab.

      Bet Slider

      A drop-down list on the Bet Slider displays your saved profiles according to the game you are playing - you can create and name as many different profiles as you want. You can access the Bet Slider settings from the Menu in the lobby by selecting "Global Table Options" and then "Bet Slider" or from Options in the "Table View" Menu.

      The Bet Slider has been changed so that the Bet Slider buttons will now round to a multiple of the small blind or small bet for stud and draw games. Previously it rounded to the big blind.

      The Pot button on the Bet Slider is also now the exact pot value displayed on the table. Previously it was rounded to the big or small blind depending on the setting the Options.


      You can now add tournament reminders to your Calendar. To add one, right-click the tournament name in the lobby. A dialog is displayed with "Add to Calendar" or "Register for Tournament".

      Your Calendar is now also updated to include an automatic update of the calendar when you register for a tournament. If you de-register, the entry is removed. You access your Calendar from the Menu in the lobby and through "My account".

      What do you think about these changes?

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