Identity fraud

    • MrArtVandelay
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      A friend of mine says he got scammed by ur site through the ID-check. I dont know if hes telling the truth though. But how can you guarantee that identity fraud will not happend on this site?
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    • purplefizz
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      hi MrArtVandelay,

      i would like to assure you that is not a scam. it is a real company operating in 19 languages and with over 5 million members. security is very important to us and we strive to treat all information carefully and operate in a professional manner.

      i don't know who your friend is or how it is possible that he got scammed - since we will never ask you to give us any money at any point in time. id's are also deleted as soon as they are checked so we do not have copies of your information.

      what we offer is excellent poker educational material and a great community to learn in.

      dont hesitate to ask any more questions if you have any. :)