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    • moodyuae
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      You know what pisses me off about a freaking freeroll tournament. If preflop, I get dealt Pocket Kings or Pocket Aces and I raise about 8-15x the blind. (like the blinds are usually 5-10, and quite low, so ill raise to about 80 to 150 depending on the Pocket's I have) and I get one or two callers. (or sometimes someone goes all in and I have to call the All in) and the flop comes something like


      Now the guy im playing against had a A-Q, and he goes all in. I obviously call, knowing my hand is better, and the turn is a beautiful queen. I mean, That happens so RARELY at a home game with real cards, and it happens oh too often on these online rooms. Its really annoying. Just my 2c though.

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    • carusel
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      You should be happy when someone calls you with a worse hand, because on the long run you will win more often than lose. If you will become a serious player and play more and try to learn the game you will see that for yourself.

      For example of course you get upset when your KK is cracked by AQ on a QJ2 flop, but he has 3 aces and 2 queens which help him, that's 5 outs, that means you are a 4:1 favourite, that means that 4 out of 5 times you will win. Well, maybe not 4 out of 5 , but 400 out of 500 you will win ^^

      to quote Greg Raymer: "one hand of poker is 100% luck. a year of poker is 100% skill"
      My advice is to stop playing freerolls. do something better and more profitable with your time, like start playing SSS with the strategies posted here if you're a beginner
    • phpps
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      When you say that happens rarely at a home game you have to understand that in some of these freeroll tourneys that you play online that take place a few hours would normally take days if you had them live. The frequency that you get these out of place hands is the same but mentally you remember them more clearly since you are dealing with a much higher volume of hands so your mind only picks up on the extremes, which gives your the impression that it happens more often but in actuality it happens just as often in live games to a certain extent (depends on the people you invite, me personally when hosting games i like to invite as many fish as possible).
    • moodyuae
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      hmmm.......I know I mean, It always feels good to see only 1 person called you when your holding KK, cuz what'r the chances they'll have something better. Im just saying, Its really freakin annoying when AQ breaks your KK, lol. But Im reading the articles, learning, and waiting on the $50 starting capital, so I can play some cash games. heh.

    • SoyCD
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      The good ol' freeroll suckouts. If there is one thing everybody needs when playing freerolls is a tough skin, because suckouts are a standard occurence ;)

      But in the long run - especially when you start playing for cash you will learn to love bad players who go in with worse hands - because they are the ones who finance you ;)