Hold'em Manager 2

    • KMMorten
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      Hold'em Manager 2 (HM2), the new version of Hold'em Manager 1, will be available to purchase in September. The completely new interface comes loaded with tons of features that will improve any poker player's game.

      New HM2 features

      Whether or not you've used HM1 in the past, the features will blow you away:

      • Graphs to track any aspect of your game.
      • A customizable and powerful HUD with several standard pre-configured HUDs. The HM2 HUD includes new "versus hero" stats so you can specifically see how opponents play against you, a new notes generator, and a new clean design.
      • Tons of filters which allow you to identify problematic situations and tendencies in your game, as well as a replayer so you can analyze individual hands along with statistics and hole cards displayed.
      • HM2 has a companion iPhone, iPad, and iTouch application so you can review hands on the go.
      • Countless more features and the high quality you're used to from HM1.

      Get 500 bonus StrategyPoints

      If you purchase HM2 through PokerStrategy.com we'll give you 500 StrategyPoints! That's enough for instant Gold status.

      To claim the bonus 500 StrategyPoints:

      1. Register an account with Hold'em Manager
      2. Make your purchase of Hold'em Manager 2, Omaha Manager 2 or the combo package.
      3. Click on "MY ACCOUNT" in the top navigation bar
      4. Note the User ID displayed on the page
      5. Go to our HM2 guide and enter your Hold'em Manager User ID into the account box

      Then all you need to do is enjoy the 500 StrategyPoints and your brand new software!
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    • fruktpuff
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      I remember reading anyone buying HEM1 after so-and-so date would receive free upgrades to HEM2, no SP available for anyone who bought that through the PS.com shop?

      Not that I'm too fussed either way, but it's a relevant question to ask I felt.

    • ThatGuyMatt
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      I have HEM1, but will get a discounted price to re-buy as i bought HEM1 within a year, how do i go about getting the 500SP's then?
    • DrDunne
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      yea i would like to know what happens if i get HEM from the shop before HEM2 comes out..
    • matel17
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      I'd like to know how much is HEM2 going to cost.
    • PkrPlyr2k11
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      I am so pumped for HEM2. Do we know the actual release date and cost compared to HEM1?
    • tcs35
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      lol dont get too excited, they tried to reinvent the wheel and failed.
    • batukas
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      one question, will we get free hm2 small stakes version if we buy hm small stakes version now? or it applies only for full version?

      edit: ok i found that it applies to any version u buy.
    • bjela
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      Did someone manage to minimize HEM2 to tray? I can't seem to find the option.
    • roopopper
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      Do we get the discount if we have hem1?
    • roopopper
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      I got an email from hem

      We are excited to announce an immediate public beta release of Hold'em Manager 2 for existing Hold’em Manager users. You can read all about HM2 and the latest updates to the the beta when you visit our forums.

      HM2 Beta is live

      To enroll in the HM2 Beta program, make sure you are logged into http://www.HoldemManager.com and click on the HM2 Beta link at the top of the home page. We are limiting the number of HM2 Beta licenses issued daily so we encourage you to register for the program now. After enrolling, you will be notified as to what # you are in the queue for an HM2 Beta license. We anticipate all enrolled in the HM2 Beta program should receive their license within 3-4 weeks as we gradually increase the allotment of new licenses.

      Anyone who has purchased Holdem Manager since May 1, 2011 will receive a free upgrade to HM2 once it goes on public sale. In addition, all customers that have purchased HM1 within one year of the date that HM2 actually goes on sale will receive a discount off the normal upgrade price. The amount of the discount and the full HM2 upgrade price will be announced once they have been determined. All of your HM App purchases will transfer to HM.
    • roopopper
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      this is what happens when you hit the link

      Hold'Em Manager 2 Beta - Request your code now!Hide this messageWe have added you to the Open Request list for an HM2 Beta product code.

      There is not a slot in the HM2 Beta program available at this time but additional slots will be available in the future. The order in which codes are issued is based on when your request was logged. You are xxxxon the list. We will notify you by email when your product code is available.

      We are making additional codes available on a weekly basis but we cannot make any additional disclosures at this time as to when your product code will be issued.

      We invite you to learn more about HM2 by watching our Videos and view the FAQ and Forum.
    • pavels4444
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      so when's the software gonna be finally released?
      anybody knows something new?
    • tokyoaces
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      (wrong thread)
    • Krishjanis
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      Originally posted by pavels4444
      so when's the software gonna be finally released?
      anybody knows something new?
      Not sure but I was reading something and it said mid October
    • SilverSag
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      I got beta code yesterday and I have already been blown away by just one feature:

      THE BLOODY THING CAN' T CONNECT TO DATABASE!!!! :s_evil: :s_evil: :s_evil: COULD NOT EVEN START IT... :s_evil: :s_evil: :s_evil:

      I mean, seriously... if my HM1 is working fine why can' t the HM2 do it???? I spent 4 hours yesterday and 2 more hours today. going through FAQ, forums, deleting and reinstalling antivirus software, reconfiguring postgres, etc. Customer support sucks, noone can give me any help... :f_frown: went back to HM1... :f_frown:

      Seriously guys, if you happen to have older comp still running Windows XP like me - expect problems.
    • SilverSag
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      Originally posted by KMMorten
      the high quality you're used to from HM1.

      Sorry, but this made me chuckle! :f_biggrin: Have you even used HM1 before? Yes, it has user-friendly HUD and popups. Yes, its a good tool, but... QUALITY!???? Cmon, you must be joking!

      It could be the most unfinished-looking software product ever to be asked to pay money for! If you want to see quality, go check out PT3!
    • conall88
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      ive had HM2 working fine since day 1. if you can't get it working, you are doing something wrong.
    • Bigniux
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      Originally posted by SilverSag
      If you want to see quality, go check out PT3!
      sorry, but this made me chuckle too :f_biggrin:

      On a serious note, can i have both HM1 and HM2 installed and run at same time? (ofc, HM2 Beta for now)
    • SilverSag
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      Originally posted by conall88
      ive had HM2 working fine since day 1. if you can't get it working, you are doing something wrong.
      On Windows XP?