Follow ICM Micro stage?

    • sdchamp123
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      According to my ICM Trainer i have a push rang of 9,4% (55+) in UTG+2
      The problem is that I've experienced loose calling range fx: A7+, KT+ and QJ.
      So every time i'll follow the ICM and push with 55 or 77 i most likely end up in a coin-flip.

      Am I supposed to push tighter then the ICM range ?

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    • pzhon
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      If your opponents are calling wider than the Nash equilibrium on average, then it is usually correct to drop some of the weaker hands from your pushing range.

      In the Nash equilibrium, your opponents act as though they know your range. When the Nash pushing range is very tight, such as when you push in front of several players, but your opponents don't respect your range, they may call too widely. The result is that you are supposed to push even tighter when the Nash range is tight. On the other hand, when the Nash pushing range is loose, but your opponents don't understand that, you might be able to push an even wider range.

      Be careful that although you may see some loose calls, this does not mean you are getting called widely on average. If one player folds AJ and another calls with JT, you only get to see the call.