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Can't catch a break

    • matel17
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 1,278
      Fucking bullshit. The biggest fucktard ever wins every hand. He raised every hand and ALWAYS went to showdown. This is the bubble.

      Blinds: 40/80
      Stakes: 80/80

      Seating Arrangement:

      unquidam (button) is at seat 1 with 1660.
      Hero is at seat 2 with 1095.
      Meteori70 is at seat 5 with 6245.

      Hero posts the small blind of 40.
      Meteori70 posts the big blind of 80.

      Deal Pocket Cards:

      Hero is dealt Ac Qh

      unquidam folds.
      Hero calls 40.
      Meteori70 raises 160.
      Hero raises 1015.
      Meteori70 raises 3045.

      Flop 8d 4c 5s Turn 2h River Kc

      Meteori70 shows 3h 6h.
      Meteori70 has 2h 3h 4c 5s 6h: Straight
      Hero shows Ac Qh.
      Hero has 5s 8d Qh Kc Ac: High Card
      Hero is eliminated.
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    • Abhorrence
      Joined: 13.11.2009 Posts: 150
      lmao that's just a very bad beat. It happens. People like him though never win the end though and they help fuel the good players with income. Just try to find solace in that.
    • NenadNacevic
      Joined: 20.02.2009 Posts: 101
      So you lost a hand which had 63% chance to win. Happens.

      I know it's much worse losing it to bad hand like that but it isn't as bad as it seems:

      1) He might have called with that thinking that you had 2 big cards so he made sure he had 2 live cards atleast.
      2) He had like 6 times more chips then you and could afford loosing some of them if it means he have a chance to get you out.
      3) Those were suited! Clear call with any two suited cards. (jk)

      What is worse though is completely outplaying those so called "good" players, getting them all in on the turn with the worse hand and then he catches his 6 outer on the river.

      Like I got JJ vs 77 on T64 8, we're all in and river comes 5.
      When you lose 5 tourneys in a row like that without even a blink, that means you had enough bad beats. There is this "great" player with 14% ROI who I flipped/dominated last 8 times with and he won them all.

      I actually feel like you're running extremely hot, when you're stressing about 1 hand like that.

      PS: As well I lost 1st 4 KK's + 1 AA yesterday against some crap like KQ, Ax..., continued and made a profit at the end. Those stuff just happens a lot.

    • matel17
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 1,278
      It wouldn't have bothered me if it happened occasionally but all month long I was getting these kinds of results. I know I've only just started learning the game but this still sucks cos I "should" have won. At least maybe I'm learning to deal with this aspect of poker. I was extremely frustrated when I opened the thread - Now I'm taking a day or two off from playing to continue studying.

      And no he wasn't thinking about what I had. Neither about what he had. He raised every hand. From the first to the last he raised or went all in and sucked out every time. Which explains his massive stack.
    • LoOkzor
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 81
      lol, everyone experiences the same losses you do if they stay in the game long enough.

      Those who play it for short periods may only see the lucky side of things and never continue playing with the idea that they can return and be a winning player.

      Those who probably have the skill to be good but quit due to some downswings will never know.

      Those who power through the downswings and never give up will be the ones rewarded at the end of the day.

      I've played some tournaments recently that were maddening. Especially since I should have won most situations.

      My most recent is just shy of a qualifier seat for the party poker 200k guarantee. Another is going out on the bubble and not cashing in on $400 with AA.

      Remember, the idea with all in when you have a good hand preflop is that you'll be favourite most times over a long period, but have no protection over what actually comes in the short term.

      The reason you can be a winner at poker is due to the many plays you can use to maximize your earnings during preflop and postflop play, and the ability to hand read and put people on ranges depending on their tendencies and profile.

      My worst beats are All from an All IN situation where I should've been the favourite. In all honesty, unless I have QQ, KK or AA I really don't feel I have an edge preflop All In with any other hand. So when I lose, I don't think I deserved to win, but rather statistically I should have won, but as poker is poker, what happened, happened.