• mikefonte
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      I started to play poker some 3 months ago on 888 and thought that I was a champ, but unfortunately lost a 100$ here. I then found PokerStrategy.com and started playing on Pokerparty. I have been reading articles and have won a bit 35$ but seems to go up and down sone 15$ +/-. I hope that this course can make my play more refined and make me drop some of the bad habits.
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    • NIVEKii
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      Hey mikefonte,

      Welcome to our community! Break even stretches can be (and mostly just are) a pain but are inevitable to dodge when you play poker. This beginners course will teach you how to beat the other players on your limit without a doubt. I hope this course will actually make you a champ, rather than just feeling like one :)

      All the best,