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Elephant not counting all my hands?

    • Melwis
      Joined: 04.09.2010 Posts: 14
      This is sort of weird because after having installed Elephant I launched it and it found my William Hill history and imported it and all seems fine. Elephant has correctly calculated my profit (down to the cent) but for some reason I can't seem to understand why it has only 290 hands listed in my statistics when I have in fact played 371 hands according to the history on William Hill.

      I tried to clear the database and import my history on WH manually and the result I got when I did this was the following:

      Files imported: 14
      Imported hands: 346

      Then when I go back to see my statistics it shows 280 hands in NL and 10 hands in FL for a total of 290 hands.

      In William Hills history I have 361 NL hands and 13 FL ands played so a total of 374 played hands.

      Maybe I shouldn't bother since Elephant has my profit calculated correctly down to the cent but it bothers me a bit that some hands just seems to be completely disregarded by Elephant.

      If anyone can tell me why Elephant has skipped some of my hands while still having calculated my earnings correctly I would be glad to know that there is a logical reason for this!
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    • Melwis
      Joined: 04.09.2010 Posts: 14
      Ok so I solved the problem by sitting down at a game and only playing one single round of hands. It turns out that for some reason the amount of hands i'ved played shown in the history on William Hill is wrong. I assume it counts hands as soon as I sit down at a table even though i'm choosing to wait for the big blind and so on or if i'm currently sitting out it still counts this and adds it the column "Hands".

      The amount of hands I played during this round was 7 and Elephant succesfully monitored them all. Looking in the history on WH it says 13 which is 5 hands that I wasn't dealt any cards.

      It's still kinda weird because when I chose to wait for big blind there was a total of 4 (including the round where I chose to wait for bb) rounds that I did not participate in and looking in the history of WH I can see all these hands. After those hands where I didn't have any cards the 7 following hands (those monitored by Elephant as well) are hands that I did play. The weird thing is after those 7 there is no more hands in WH history and adding 4 + 7 means there is 11 hands total (4 of them I did not play and 7 which I did play) so the logical conclusion would be that the "Hands" column on WH should say 11 but as I said before it says 13 for some reason. So there is 2 hands that i'm not sure where WH history gets from... Maybe the "Hands" column lists the total amount of hands which where played from the time I sat down at the table to the time when I leave it...

      Not sure if you understand any of this, might be a bit confusing and my English is not perfect i'm sure but the fact remains that Elephant is doing it's job correctly whilst WH history i'm not so sure what it's doing =P
    • mrk1988
      Joined: 04.02.2007 Posts: 13,337
      :s_thumbsup: Elephant does not monitor / import hands in which you weren't dealt any hand. This is to prevent datamining, etc...

      Also, it wouldn't make much sense to import hands you didn't participate in.

      Consider talking to William Hill regarding this issue.