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      i am david i live in glasgow scotland, i am a student studying electrical engineering at college here in glasgow.
      i have been playing poker now for nearly a year. i mostly play sh bss on pokerstars but do like an mtt from time to time.
      i did manage to get to NL10 from NL2 but seemed to start on a downswing loosing 12 buyins in about 6000 hands over a few sessions. that aswell as a few unexpected life bills i am back down to playing NL2 (oh and i also accidentaly bought into a $55 mtt thinking it was $0.55(tableninja) didnt help).
      i enjoy playing and learning about poker and have read many books along with a lot of the articles and videos here.
      i am looking forward to this schooling and will hopefully plug a few leaks and be able to return to NL10 and crush it and beyond.
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