Please help with elephant and holdem manager

    • batukas
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      I was using trial period of holdem manager and i like it a lot, i think i'll buy when hm2 will be released. When my trial period was over i tryed to launch my elephant again, i was not using it for some time now, so i tried to import pokerstars hands manually from hh folder, and somehow elephant imported only one file with few hands and my rest of pokerstars hh folder is somehow gone...How is that possible??? I'm sure i didn't delete it myself. I mean i guess holdem manager database is safe but i can't use for now can i? sorry if it's confusing but i'm confused myself and i seek ur help felow pstrategists..

      Well what i'm asking is if it's possible elephant just relocated my pokerstars hh somewhere else? And can i be certain that holdem managers database is safe, because it creates separate database?

      Last edit: ok doesn't matter anymore, i won't be using elephant anymore, i bought hem small stakes version: ), i guess i'll make backups from now on in case something similar happens
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    • Jim4rdo
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      Hi batukas,

      Well, after reading that then seeing your edit, congrats on buying HEM! :) Did you buy it from our shop?

      The thing is with hand histories are they are seperate from the programs; what I mean by that is that you get the HH's directly from the poker site, and the database HEM creates is from this, but it shouldn't ever interfere with it (so it shouldn't delete your HH!)

      Anyway since you've now bought it I wish you every success, and enjoy it, it's a great tool!

      Let me know if you've got any queries on it, and I'll try and help you out :)

      Best regards,