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      Hello Poker World!

      So i decided to start my own blog. I have several reasons for that. First of all, i have noticed that some of the guys who have their own blogs have made serious progress in their game, climbed limits like hell, etc. There is a huge contribution of community in almost every case. As we know poker is rather a game of huge volumes needed to beat variance and reduce the importance of cards dealt to you. To maintain volume you really need some motivation. I cannot sometimes find that motivation to play so i am hoping that discussion / community intervention will help me here a lot :)
      Major reason is ofc to climb up limits, make some cash, enjoy the game and life.

      About me: 24y old atm. Born in southern Slovakia, struggled some time (5yrs) on University in Brno (IT stuff) where i am still struggling with my last math exam before grad. For about last one and a hlaf years i have been also working as UNIX sysadmin in Bratislava, beatiful capitol of my fatherland.
      Interested in IT, gadgets, 70s blues-rock music, good movies.. hmm basically iam interested in everything just life is too short to take the interst seriously. I have never busted my roll, nor have i never earned anything (B/E Limbo driving me nuts...)

      I became poker-curious after i have decided to quit MMORPG i have played before. The game had real cash economy, which means that in-game currency was convertible with USD and has fixed rate. I shipped some 2k$ only by playing on my PC, which was a highly enjoyable experience. Thats where poker has popped in as a natural choice of something that can be done at home and still bring some moneyz. Luckily enough for me i stumbled accross this site (with a little help of my fellow friend). 50 buck starting capital seemed reasonable so i instastarted playing on Pokerstars.. i was B/E for long time.. then got bored and decided to move my roll to Bwin. It was quite juicy there. i ahve managed to climb up to nl30 and even try a few shots on nl50 which was a tipping point. After that one shot i kept falling all the way down to nl10 where i struggled to climb back for quite a long time.
      Nevertheless i got really bored there too, surprisingly by too fishy tables. It was bad beat after bad decision and tilt and bad decision again..
      So i have changed the room once again. This time i moved my really humble nl10 roll to PartyPoker which brings us here. I realised that i have to become more steady in means of study, hand review, game focus etc. I have played there for about 1 month, roughly 30k hands and i am back to "b/e bu11shit". Huge contributors to that fact are tilt, classic micro-limit leaks in my play, fancy play syndrome etc.

      My plans >

      Crush microlimits comfortably
      Became able to grind nl100 hard
      Quit my current fulltime job and earn money by poker only
      + bonus goal > Inner peace...

      in that order!

      Oh this is my first post so far after 2 years of silence. So i guess this is my "Hello All" post :)

      please leave a comment, i also love to feed the trolls.
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