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      Looking for explanation how to use Aggression Factor and Aggression Freq in the SNG STT, and found some threads on other forums. What I think here that we need to adjust some of this in the early stages of STT, because of ICM, I dont see so high Aggression Freq. So looking for some opinions and this is the base for constracting the view of villain.

      [COLOR=blue][I]AF and Agg Freq are more useful in tandem then either one alone. While each stat measures how aggressive someone plays post-flop, they do not measure the same thing. If I could have only one stat, I'd take Aggession Frequency - but I would much rather have both.[/COLOR]

      AF = (raise % + bet %)/call %. It ranges from 0 to infinity.

      Agg Freq = (raise % + bet %)/(raise % + bet % + call% + fold%). It ranges from 0 to 1.

      A player with high AF + high Agg Freq is aggressive (perhaps over aggressive.)

      A player with a high AF + low Agg Freq is playing 'bet or fold' poker.

      A player with a very low AF + low Agg Freq is a calling station.

      A player with a low AF and low Agg Freq is a passive nit.

      The point is, each stat is like a different instrument in a band. They are generally better together than playing solo.



      -------------------- AggrFreq% ---- AggrFact
      hyper aggressive.... > 70
      over aggressive....... 60 - 70 ........ > 3
      aggressive.............. 45 - 60 ........ 1.3 - 3
      passive.................. 35 - 45 ........ < 1.3
      calling station......... < 35

      A low PFR, like 4%, will naturally have more aggression than a high PFR, like 40% (i.e., what is aggressive for a 40% PFR might be "normal" for a 4% PFR). So adjust your aggression evaluation based on how wide / narrow the preflop range is of the player.

      Street-by-street aggression applies to the current street forward, so that when a player with like 30% turn AggrFreq wakes up and starts betting on the turn, if he bets the river as well he is still be operating within that frequency of only 30%, even if his river AggrFreq is very high, like 65%.

      Large sample sizes are needed for these stats; and reading the board plus taking notes on players is often more valuable than the stats.
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      In cash games, you play a lot more hands with the same players. In tournaments, players keep getting knocked out so you have fewer hands on players except for a few regs, and you tend to have fewer hands on those than some cash game regs have on each other. I think you want to use statistics which converge rapidly to stereotype the players. I use the aggression factor, and I don't use bluff-catchers to pay off aggression from players with low aggression factors. A player with an aggression factor of 0.5 or lower rarely raises postflop with weaker than TPGK.