The EV calculator from "EV++ Tools" site

    • kiromanAAKK
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      I have found this program, Slice, from the EV++ Tools website and bought it for a small price as there is an amazing promo, pay your own price!

      Now, the tool is like our Equilab ( equity EV calculations, scenario analysis, etc.), but with some particularity, like the possibility to import hands from database (like SNG Wizard) plus the possibility to calculate the folding equity.

      As the program come out from a site like EV++ Tools (that few Coaches using also for serious math) has a great math background and the support of graphics for EV and equity, exactly like the mother's site.

      The program works also with tournaments (and SNGs of course) by ICM calculations. :)

      I was interested in this tool from long time and Im glade I discovery the actual promo as I got a tool that worth $40 for as little as $8.

      Ther eis any1 else using already this program? If so, have u found some more function for it?

      Finally, I would like ask if there is a possibility for our Equilab to has such great functions like import from database and folding equity calculator.

      TY :)
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    • Jim4rdo
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      Hi kiromanAAKK,

      Great to hear you're expanding your knowledge in regards to actual poker and tools!

      I'm passing this on to my superior's so they can take your suggestions properly and so hopefully maybe sometime in the future we can start to implement these things :)

      Also thanks for telling our community members about this, it seems like a great offer!

      Best regards,