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      Well, took the test and got the free cash and joined 770. I have now downloaded poker elephant but it is not compatible with 770. So I am stuck fiddling about at the $1 level because i cant analyse my hands ( I am winning and losing equally though pot is slightly down and been at it over two weeks ).
      I am not very good with computer software so could do with some recommendations on what to get without spending a fortune, the simpler the better.
      I am enjoying the site very much apart from the impossible maths for ev. and i do better on multitable sit n gos than i do on single tables and have no idea why.
      One more thing, what is the average time one of your players takes to get out of the bottom limit?
      many thanks.
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey again daftbet,

      You could try out both HEM and pokertracker both have free trials i think PT is 60days and HEM is a 30day trial. Either is worth buying after the trial period too.

      Its different for each and every player how long it takes to move up the stakes just depends how much time you have for playing and ofc how much effort you put into studying the game and improving yourself but just remember BRM is the key to not going broke

      Good luck
    • daftbet
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      Cheers again Carl, I assume HEM is holdem manager or something, I shall google it. Your BRM is possibly the best bit of poker advice I have taken on board, I can already see the benefits with all the bad beats I have taken recently ( only losing a dollar ) instead of my usual 20 or 30.
      Ta, Denz