MTT microlimits - limp limp limp good strategy?

    • Hamlet77
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      There are 3 MTT tourneys of $1+$0.10 that I play every saturday and Sunday almost at the same time. (6 games in total per weekend)
      One of them is Freezout with $1K guaranteed, and the other two are Rebuys with $1K and $750 guarateed.
      The average field is 800 players.

      There is a player that I meet at my tables in almost everytime I play those MTTs... I dont know why, iPoker almost always seats us in the same table. The thing is that I have already played around 3000 hands againts that player. Everytime I see him I say "there is the super DONK".... believe it or not, in 3000 hands the guy has 49% VPIP and only 5% PFR... How about that?

      He limps from any position, with any two cards. There is no way to put him on a hand, never.
      I never tracked how far he gets in the game, I thougt he was not even getting ITM. Because of his style I thought is was a loser player. But today I got curious and checked him on pokerprolabs... and with surprise I found out that he is actually a WINNING player! ?(

      Last 3 months
      games: 302
      Average profit: $7.45
      Average ROI: 332%
      Total profit: $2,250.28
      Average Buyin: $2.24
      ITM: 24%
      Win/Lose rate: 73/229
      Early finishes: 3.3%
      Early Middle finishes: 7%
      Middle finishes: 43.4%
      Middle late finishes: 26.5%
      Late finishes: 19.9%
      I think these stats are no usual for a microlimiter who is playing with VPIP 49 and PFR 5, at $1 and $2 buyin games... well, maybe I should change my mind!
      His graph is a beautifu-always-going-up thing.. He has never had his graph under ground, and I dont see downs at all... it is all going up from $0 to $2.3K

      When I saw his stats (after I recovered from the shock) I went to holdem manager to see his hands again.... and all he does es limp limp limp limp always, from any position, against any preflop action. All I see from him are suckouts!

      the big question is.... How can that "limp limp limp always limp" play be profitable??

      If this guys is a pokerstartegist... what is he reading that I havent yet?
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    • pzhon
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      When you play against bad players, how do you respond? Tighten up, or loosen up? It depends on the situation, but it is often right to play a looser range against loose-passive player than you would against tighter, more aggressive players. I don't think the way your opponent is playing is optimal, but it is a lot less wrong in some microstakes MTTs than in others. Your opponent is probably playing well postflop to make up for his poor preflop play, and his loose style means he gets to use his postflop advantage more often.

      If you are on the button, 2 players limp in front of you, and you overlimp, how often will someone raise from the blinds? Ok, how often will everyone check to you on the flop? If everyone else checks, and you bet 1/3-1/2 pot, how often will everyone fold? The values depend on your opponents, but in some games there are a lot of profitable opportunities to overlimp on the button, perhaps even with trashy hands. Of course, you should also consider raising which might be even more profitable.
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      What are his postflop stats like?

      If you really concentrate you can actually play pretty loose and still make money but I wouldn't have thought you could be so passive. Especially in the late stages I think raising is pretty much the only way to go
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      The simple answer is go allin everyhand he cant call oO
    • Abhorrence
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      Originally posted by Targetme
      The simple answer is go allin everyhand he cant call oO
      This pretty much.

      It's difficult to really beat players like this but you can at least keep stealing his limps. If he doesn't fold then there's a larger chance he's going to lose with his hand that's potentially weaker.

      There is no point in giving him the postflop where his strength seems to shine though. You need to keep him off his game.
    • Vygantas82
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      Most total two card donks are winning players on ipoker and many good TAG players are loosing ones. Not smth new (on ipoker).
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      Bots at WH ???