joined to ask Cornie4ever a tax question regarding the czech republic but can't sent him a message

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      I just joined this forum and it wont let me send a messages to people. Could someone please direct Cornie4ever to this thread or give me some advice on how to reach him?

      My situation is that I am a Czech citizen but a USA permanent resident. I have lived in the USA almost my whole life, since I was 3. After black friday I went to live in Europe so that I could pull funds out of the sites I play on. While I am here I am also playing some more.

      I read about the 183 day non tax resident rule, and I will in fact be in the Czech Republic for less then 183 days before I return to the United States. I am confused on weather or not playing on poker sites that are located outside of the Czech republic counts as income earned in the Czech Republic as per the tax rules.

      I also know that the Czech Republic (CR) and the United States not long ago signed a tax treaty to avoid double taxation. Since I pay the social taxes in the United States already and am a permanent resident there the only thing I believe is in question is the 15% flat tax in the CR. Even if I paid that I am almost certain that I Could deduct the amount I pay in the 15% when I pay my US federal taxes. But if I don't even need to pay the Czech taxes because of the 183 day thing that would make things a lot easier and more simple.

      Cornie4ever it sounds like you are quite knowledgeable regarding this. I would really appreciate some advice. I would have sent a private message but the system would not allow me to do that.
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