Rake and dollar question

    • 1984ioc
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      Is the weakening dollar affecting our rake alot over the last few months does anyone know.Not completely up to date with the exchange situation at the moment but i do know the dollar has taken a hammering recently.Anyone know if this trend is likely to continue.

      I find it strange that i play poker with a british company yet they calculate their rake through dollars yet i play all my games in euro (ladbrokes).

      any one any info on this?
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    • ActionJunkiie
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      I agreed whit you. :)

      I am wondering why example pokerstars main currency at the tables is USD why they don't change it to Eiro ???Eiro is more stable and on pokerstars 70% players are from europe and comfortable for us would be eiros.

      And not to mention the fact that the dollars value is decreasing.