[NL2-NL10] NL10 FR QKs

    • covelluzzh
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      What about this hand?

      Hand Information
      , 0.1 BB (9 handed).
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      Table Information
      Seat: 1 lpk-olimpo1982 ($10.18) Big Blind
      Seat: 2 ipe-konan ($17.15)
      Seat: 3 bsp-ibra93 ($3.83)
      Seat: 4 p75-lorenzo60 ($6)
      Seat: 5 cbm-covell ($13.73)
      Seat: 6 ppe-federico ($9.85)
      Seat: 7 piv-newhimnut ($15.22)
      Seat: 8 piv-pangziding ($4.09) Dealer
      Seat: 9 pmt-cristian58 ($9.33) Small Blind
      Dealt to

      Preflop (Pot:0.15)
      ipe-konan    FOLD
      bsp-ibra93    CALL $0.1
      p75-lorenzo60    CALL $0.1
      cbm-covell    RAISE $0.5
      ppe-federico    CALL $0.5
      piv-newhimnut    FOLD
      piv-pangziding    FOLD
      pmt-cristian58    FOLD
      lpk-olimpo1982    CALL $0.4
      bsp-ibra93    CALL $0.4
      p75-lorenzo60    CALL $0.4

      Flop(Pot: $2.55)
      :5s:  :7h:  :Qc:  

      lpk-olimpo1982    CHECK
      bsp-ibra93    CHECK
      p75-lorenzo60    BET $0.5
      cbm-covell    RAISE $2
      ppe-federico    FOLD
      lpk-olimpo1982    FOLD
      bsp-ibra93    FOLD
      p75-lorenzo60    CALL $1.5

      Turn(Pot: $6.55)
      :5s:  :7h:  :Qc:  :9h:  

      p75-lorenzo60    ALL-IN
      cbm-covell    CALL $3.5

      River(Pot: $13.55)
      :5s:  :7h:  :Qc:  :9h:  :Qh:  

      p75-lorenzo60 SHOWS
      :5h:  :Jh:  
      cbm-covell SHOWS
      :Qd:  :Kd:  
      lpk-olimpo1982 wins  the side pot : $0
      lpk-olimpo1982 wins  the main pot : $13.55
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    • veriz
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      Hello covelluzzh,

      It's even pretty close either to raise the flop or not. The problem with raising there is that you pretty much commit yourself. There ain't that many draws even and the opponent might easily trap you. Sometimes I do even prefer just calling while being in such a multiway pot. But as played that's exactly the spot where I don't want myself to see, he could easily be even trapping you on the flop.

      Best regards.