BSS 10%-11% Flop seen

    • Fay123
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      I mainly play FR NL10

      I stick to the BSS chart with a steal here and there and after 1200 hands I only saw flop 11% of time.

      Is this a normal number or I just have a real bad day with the cards.
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    • ancha666
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      11% is maybe a little too tight but if your preflopraise% is high enough, it should be ok for FR! , IMO!

      you just have to know that 1200 hands is very small sample so it's hard to say anything in absolute meaning.
    • Marivs
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      This is a rather small % flop seen but slow days happen from time to time where after a half of hour of playing your best hand is AQ and it's still from UTG so you can't really play with it :P . The important question is: Did you put those 11% to a good use or simply put, did you make profit? :D