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soooooo angry....

    • kliminunes
      Joined: 25.08.2011 Posts: 1
      Was more than excited when my husband referred me to this site, as i've just given birth two weeks ago and was looking forward to learning some poker and getting my $50 starting capital. My husband has not stopped going on about how amazing this site is and thought i'd see if it was husband got his $50 no problem and recomended me....fantastic i thought. i was even overjoyed they were doing id checks because it ensures me your all legitamate.
      I was breastfeeding when the id check people called and gave them my date of birth and email etc....i sent photos of my driving licence and utility bills and i AM quite obviously who i say i am and yet you decide to not pay out......deeply deeply dissapointing because i was eager to learn about the game my husband spends so much time i am left with a disgusting taste in my mouth as i've wasted so much time sending personal documents waiting around for phone calls AND FOR WHAT........???????? DISGUSTING END OF!!!!!!
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    • matel17
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 1,278
      Who's taking this one?
    • ihufa
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 3,323
      im busy someone else pls
    • ManoloB99
      Joined: 16.09.2009 Posts: 88
      Dear Ms. Kliminunes,

      There is such a thing as providing too much information, irrelevant at that, in a public forum post.

      Hope you understand what this advice means.

      Thank you.

    • BillyTheGoat
      Joined: 06.04.2011 Posts: 27
      Correct me if I'm wrong, but you recieve your first StrategyPoint along with your starting capital? If so, then I would recommend a healthy dose of liquid patience for use in further endeavors. If it turns out I AM wrong, then feel free to scold me.

      Also, congratulations! No need to get all worked up about 50 bucks you can't get when you just had a baby. Be happy :P
    • Jim4rdo
      Joined: 03.10.2010 Posts: 1,252
      Hi kliminunes,

      I'm sorry to hear you failed your ID check :(

      As you know from your husband getting the $50 free, we are a legitimate site, and we have no reason to want to decline you; it's actually in our interests. That said, there is always a reason why we do decline if we do, and as stated to many other members, we will not disclose the information as to why you failed. This is to prevent abuse of our offer since many people try it.

      So again, there's not much else to be said regarding that except that it happens :(


      It's not all bad! As we can tell, you're bronze, which means you have access to all of the bronze articles and videos that we offer here. And in no time at all I'm sure you'll be silver, and so can take advantage of our more advanced articles.

      You can also attend coachings if you fancy it; live sessions with our coaches to help further your game!

      Congratulations on your baby, and good luck with your poker journey!

      Any other questions, just shout.

      Best regards,

    • Doubleup12
      Joined: 25.08.2011 Posts: 146
      while we are on the subject. My friend went to get this bonus, took pictures of his driving license, didnt get it ah well obviously nothing you can do.
      But today I was joining pokerstars and noticed they said they dont accept northen irish driving licenses as id's and was wondering if maybe that is the same policy here that he missed? (as he is from northern ireland) and that could be why he failed.
    • furculision
      Joined: 25.03.2011 Posts: 474
      Ok,so,let me get this straight.

      You gave birth two weeks ago and instead of spending time with your two weeks old baby,you wanted to join a freaking site.

      Furthermore,you let 50$ spoil your happiness that a new-born baby brings?You just had a baby and you are mad because you didn't get 50$?

      and who wants to spend time with poker when you just had a baby?

      lol,long years ahead of that baby,knowatamsayin?
    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      Originally posted by ManoloB99
      Dear Ms. Kliminunes,

      There is such a thing as providing too much information, irrelevant at that, in a public forum post.

      Hope you understand what this advice means.

      Thank you.

      lol :)
    • JimC6
      Joined: 01.04.2011 Posts: 458
      Such stress is not good for the baby.
    • delanonunes
      Joined: 06.08.2011 Posts: 76
      hey everyone,i have to laugh cos this is my wifes post lololol.....i'll apologise on her behalf as she was quite obviously hormonal as hell when she wrote this lolololol ( sorry i'm still laughing) ;)
      I just came across this by accident (wife mentioned she had wrote a rant of some sort but was all over the shop when she did it)....poor girl has been thru hell lately, labour was long and hard, babys tongue is tied so not feeding properly(feeding time is hell on earth).
      I now understand why she mentioned breastfeeding but she never managed to explain to you guys any further.
      I was in the room when the ID people called, picture this: screaming baby hanging off wife, wife getting super-super stressed at being on the phone while trying to do this and being asked questions by someone with a very strong accent she couldn't really understand, then to top it off they ask her some questions.
      poor girl hasn't had too much poker experience except probably on facebook and the little i've tried teaching her that has gone in one ear and out the other...i heard her say something along the lines of " errrrrr, ummmmmmm, errrrrrrr is it the highest hand"???
      i nearly wet myself laughing but she did NOT find it so funny, i probably didnt help matters, but let me assure you she is not neglecting our baby to play poker she couldn't give a flying monkey about the game, i've been trying to get her to play and maybe learn how to just to get her a tiny window break away from the baby. She has been stuck to him since he was born and she's getting pretty depressed, i'm sure her being annoyed at $50 had nothing to do with anything we don't desperatley need money that badly we're both doing ok, i'm also disabled and she looks after me as a full time carer so the stress is palpable at times...
      again i apologize for my beautiful wifes outburst i'm 100% sure it was not malicious and the too much info came from her trying to explain why she couldn't answer the questions
      Hope that clears that up a little i can't bear for anyone to think bad of my missus she is a true diamond and not many women can do what she does, i doubt she'll ever play poker again, there simply isnt time.....theres barely time for me to play :(

      [Edited by Jim: Just edited a small amount because it revealed bits about the security check]
    • mongomob
      Joined: 27.03.2011 Posts: 156
      Congrats on the baby =)

      dont let the ID check ruin a perfeckly good opportunity to learn and enjoy poker =)

      i'm sure your hubby can set you up with a small roll =)

      p.s. i dont really see a trason why ppl are trolling this thread so hard...

      (however if this is a nigerian post it's well elaborated... they usually are... )