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    • vikasgupta09
      Joined: 18.05.2011 Posts: 352
      Hi !
      Its been around 7-8 months i am playing poker...i simply love playing poker now..but i am addicted to it when i don't play it a day...i feel like pissed off...
      I have won many good tournaments at William hill and
      Some great wins(for me) were
      2 out 550 players, 6 out of 252, 19 out of 502, 70 out of 1069, etc...
      I too had won 40 player SnG many times...
      But besides these winning tournaments, i have lost 15000 INR in this poker
      I have not utilized the best of 50$ given at even...I keep depositing 10$ - 20$ at and i lost them all in a day or two....Usually i play 1$ SnG & 2.5$ SnG double or nothing...
      The problem with me is at times I play at big table hoping to win good money and thereby not following the bank roll

      I am really pissed off...Besides all these lose, i feel very good while playing poker...and i don't want to leave poker but i don't want to lose money even...

      Please advice me how should I start now...i have read articles about SnG thoroughly , never watched videos though...
      Please if you can spare time, tell me all about all the s/w to analyze the game...Also please suggest me at which poker site should i make the deposit to continue my play and from that deposit which game should i play...
      Many times i play MTT in which sometimes i win but sometimes even loss on the pair of AA

      I have downloaded around 10 poker clients in my i love to play at only

      I am really very confused whether to continue playing poker or leave the game here only for not having enough patience to play only $1 SnG

      Please advice, or drop a message if psbl...i am in need of someone who can help me at this confusing stage...

      And i have signed up on before joining and thereby my playing over there doesn't give me any strategy points...I wish i can also make some strategy points here...
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    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      If you feel you are truely addicted in a negative way to poker by which i mean you spend ALL your time playing leaving no time for social life, dont get enough sleep because you are playing all the time and more importantly spending money you cant afford to spend on poker then you should stop and seek help/support

      If on the other hand you are just a losing player then its really down to you to put the effort into improving your game and using some self dicipline to stick to BRM. BRM is the most important lesson that you seem to have not learnt yet but one time when you go broke it will finally click how important BRM is.

      You should re-read the articles watch some videos of <3 and chenny8888 do you use any tracking software? if not invest in some so you can mark hands to review and post them in the hand evaluation forums. Use the free coachings and if you keep working hard and doing all this then you will slowly but surely turn the situation round

      Hope you run good soon
    • Gerovit
      Joined: 16.01.2011 Posts: 1,310
      Just to add couple of things to advices

      1. Download ICM trainer its free and it will teach when to push or fold when you have 10bb's or less which is crucial skill for any SNG player
      2. When you earn some money invest into SNG wizard
      3. Use Pzhon's icm explorer it will tell how much equity you need to make a call when someone is pushing
      4. Watch not only <3 and Chenny's videos but also Pzons's, The Nose's, Unam's and Royal Hopes for DoN's
      5. Post your hands in evaluation forum and also evaluate hands that other posted - this is in my opinion best way to improve your game quickly.
      6. Read Collin Moshman's book Sit n go Strategy

      Gl and keep us informed!
    • Dodozz
      Joined: 22.06.2010 Posts: 302
      Well, some time ago I have had the same problem like you but I asked my friends what to do to become better poker player.. :D

      Main thing is: you need to very read all strategies and ofcourse also you should watch the videos

      Also I advice you to play on any other new software where you havent played yet and track it with so you will be getting points and upgrade your status here to silver, gold etc. After you get for example silver status, you will be able to watch really helpful videos and articles which will definetely help you in playing online/live poker.

      About depositing.. : Its really the worst way to deposit many times with 10 dollars, I have had the same problem.. and ofc I did also bust my bankroll many times untill I read bankroll management, it is so important thing in poker and if you going to use it in future, Im sure you will be in profit :f_cool:

      You can also analyse your played hands if you download for free Elephant from this forum and there you can see how you play, what should you change in your playing poker etc.

      If you play a lot MTT ,then also download Starting hand tablet which is useful and if you use it in tourneys it will help a lot.

      Sum: deposit atleast 50 usd, read articles, watch videos, use programs to analyse your hands----> way to become profitable poker player :)
    • vikasgupta09
      Joined: 18.05.2011 Posts: 352
      Thank you friends....
      I am not that much addicted that i am not taking sleeps or destroying my social life...but it is like If i don't play poker in a day, i feel

      True to be said, these 10$ deposits are not worth, atleast i should deposit 50$ ... i was really thinking about this because last time i had around 4 bad beats on the pair of AA, KK type cards, so i couldn't make the best use of those 10$ deposit is the easiest one for indian users...They themselves create an entropay account to my indian debit card and so i don't have to worry about the payments method...I always receive error about depositing at other sites...

      I have a money bookers account, i tried depositing there earlier, for the verification purpose they charged some EUR to my debit card but when i checked how much they charged, it was in INR of 187 and they want me to tell how much EUR they have debited...I checked the INR to EUR rate and write that in verification code but it showed error about wrong code...I contacted them about this but they couldn't help either, don't know was some 2 months back i guess or may be 3...

      Now i will go to my bank tomorrow to see if i can transfer them through bank by filling those forms and all...

      I have downloaded EVEREST POKER to start now...
      I already have accounts on
      FullTilt, 888poker, WH

      Besides these, i think Pokerstar is good but it is tough for beginners like me to play there, in one tournament 1000's of players join like hell, 1 freeroll extends to many hours which i can't spend continuously..

      Till my bank will transfer the money , i will read all the books that you have mentioned here, watch the videos , and will download those softwares as well to analyze the game...I don't care about the loss i had earlier but i just don't want to lose more at tables and so i badly need to change my game play and even poker site so that i can make some strategy points here...

      Friends, can you please also suggest me a Good Poker Room now...Is Everest Poker good to start for me ? Besides fulltilt,888poker,nd WH please tell me a good poker room where i should now start, that will be great...

      Thanks for all the replies (BOW)
    • ilrasso
      Joined: 05.05.2010 Posts: 49
      If you make accounts on several poker rooms, its possible to multitable freerolls from different rooms. This way you can actually put some volume in the freerolls, and combined with their extreme softness its a lot more +ev than playing sitgos as a loosing player.. :D

      Also many rooms have a few ultra-low entry fee tournaments that is often equally soft.

      To be a winning player you will need to learn and follow BRM. There is no two ways about it. You will have to. Untill then you should aim to get as much practice and fun as u can out of the money and time you spend on poker. In that equation multitabling freerolls is surprisingly useful. Free rolls are a great place to learn advanced poker under easy circumstances. I specifically mean here exploiting fish and maniacs, which are both overly abundant in freerolls.

      I hope this helps - good luck at the tables :D
    • vikasgupta09
      Joined: 18.05.2011 Posts: 352
      @Ilrasso, i am at many poker rooms for playing freerolls only :D hehehe...

      Actually i do try to manage BRM, but when i have around say 10$ , i play like around 5 SnG double or nothing with a buyin of 1.10$
      2-4 40 players SnG then 2-4 MTT with a buyin of 1-2$

      It is never like i lose them all, but i keep playing them...and in around 2 days, my Cashier shows me 0$ , lol...

      I am not that bad at poker, with 10$ i do manage to play many many games :D but it is like i lose all the money in short span, may be it is because of MTT nd 40 Player SnG where my winning is very very less...
      But playing only SnG of 1$ double or nothing is what makes me feel bore after playing some 5-10 games and after that i like a game of MTT or 40 Player SnG at 888poker

      @Gerovit, i have downloaded ICM and cleared all 10 lessons within some 10-15 mins....i searched for ICM Explorer
      it is asking for 20$ via paypal....
      I was jst wondering if any equiv. s/w is available for free ??? or i must spend those 20$ to be more good at poker ??? thought to consult once before making the purchase....

      I am proceeding step by step with all articles, s/w nd videos now...Will start playing after a week or so till my moneybookers have some money...
      And will now play at different site so that i can make strategy points..

      I still want to know about POKER ROOMS , please suggest some...Thank you
    • Dodozz
      Joined: 22.06.2010 Posts: 302
      I would say maybe good poker rooms for you: PartyPoker, PokerHeaven and also Everest poker isnt that bad to start there.
    • vikasgupta09
      Joined: 18.05.2011 Posts: 352
      I am just coming from ICICI bank , they denied me to send money to
      They asked me the reason of transferring the money to which i said Moneybookers is like an online bank online , i may use the money for shopping or something...and they asked me to show proofs of what you will do with that money :(
      They said you can receive foreign currency but you cannot send without some proof :(

      Now what do i do ? :( really pissed off....

      Is there any indian here using Moneybookers or NETELLER who can take money from me (i can send to your bank account first) and give me the equiv money at those sites ?? please i badly need some help here....

      Please tell me some other opt now to deposit money....
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      hi vikasgupta09,

      you can also fund moneybookers/neteller via credit card, right?
      btw, we have many indian players so it might help if you browse their forums and ask them how they do their poker banking.

      i wouldnt recommend making exchange deals with any random person as it's really unsafe and there are many scammers out there.

      check out the indian community forums here.

      i'll also ask some of our awesome indian moderators to take a look at this thread.