[Application] Cash NL5/NL10

    • Aerox232
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hello I`m Aerox232, I`m micro stake grinder.(NL5 and Nl10) And in the past i played low buy-in sng and HU sng.

      I`m playing thees stake about one year now. Mybe little bit longer.
      And doing pretty well overall.
      And I`m Bronze on Pokerstrategy because I only get my StrategyPoints from my FTP account and everbody know what`s happened whit FTP. ;)

      So I`m looking for Staking in NL10. And if everyting go well for Nl25 to.(but that another story )
      I need BR about 25BI. It`s seems so far prety confortable BR for me.
      Mybe for another players it`s semm little angressional.
      I will play 50k hands in September. At NL10 and NL5 .
      If it`s fine whit you .
      I keep 30% of winning, and you 70.%

      100%= 250$50%= 125$20%= 50 $
      Only apcept staking in PokerStars.com


      Here`s my graph .

      Feel free to write and ask if you have anything that you want to know.

      PS. Sorry about my bad English , I`m from latvia.
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    • NIVEKii
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      Hello Aerox232,

      As part of our staking forum rules we require members posting in this board to have a minimum of 300 posts in the English community.

      I am therefore forced to close down your application thread and edit your post a bit. I hope you understand we've put these new rules into place to make sure our staking forum is run smoothly.

      All the best,