I havent recived my free 50 $ after completing the quiz

    • klondike1
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      Hi there.

      A while ago a toke the quiz to recive a free 50 € starting bankroll on 770 poker room.

      I completed the quiz just fine, and was informed that the money would go into a my 770 account in just a few days.

      A couple of days later i was informed that the free 50 $ bankroll was now ready at 770 and i could start playing.

      However i never really played there, because i was bussy with other things, so I thought to my self ill just let it stay there until i have more time to start playing on 770.

      Now today i log into my 770 account, and i see that my balance is 0 $.

      So what is up here, have they redrawn my 50 $ because i dident play there ?
      Or was it never deposited to begin with ?

      I dont belive there was any information about that i had to use the 50 $ bankroll right away, or else it would be annuled or something like that.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi klondike1,

      The free $50 is provided to enable you to play poker and to use the educational material to help learn and improve your game.

      It is standard procedure for this to be withdrawn after a certain period of time if it hasn't been used or your account remains dormant. This is because sadly there are a few players who receive the money and just don't use it, forget or even lose interest in poker.
      Of course this money is then better used by PokerStrategy.com in helping a new member who is keen to start playing rather than sitting dormant.

      Usually once withdrawn it isn't available back again, although you can still play freerolls or deposit a little of your own funds.
      This said, it might be worth a quick email to the support team to see if there is any possibility of getting it back.
      Just bear in mind that they might not be able to, but worth a try right?

      Good luck & best regards,

    • MarcPS
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      Hey klondike1,

      As far as I know, there *isn't* a clawback rule (where the free $50 is removed if it's not used) with Poker770, but I'll double check for you.


    • MarcPS
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      My colleagues have confirmed that the free $50 isn't withdrawn from Poker770 accounts if it is unused. I'll send you a support ticket with more details, klondike1.

      edit: in fact, I've done so: